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Brown University Ph.D., Economics, 1970
Yale University B.A., Economics, 1965



Managing Director
Mingo & Co.

Specializing in Basel II/III implementation and Economic Capital for major financial institutions. Areas of expertise include credit risk in securitization transactions and Pillar 2 stress testing techniques. Formerly Senior Advisor to the RMA Capital Working Group.

April 2006 to June 2009

Managing Director and Senior Advisor
Promontory Financial Group

Specializing in credit risk measurement issues and securitization issues.

June 1999 to April 2006

Managing Director
Mingo & Co.

Mission: providing advice to major financial institutions regarding the regulation and supervision of risk measurement and management (including evolving capital regulation).

January 1992 to June 1999

Senior Adviser, Division of Research and Statistics, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System, Washington, DC

Areas of Responsibility:
o Bank Capital Regulations, including part of the team that secured the demise of the old Basel Accord
o Financial Market Structure
o Troubled Bank Strategies
o Co-Chairman, System Task Force on Internal Credit Risk Models
o Member, Interagency Securitization Working Group

January 1991 to January 1992

Managing Director and Founding Principal, The Potomac Financial Group, Inc.
Washington, DC

Areas of Specialization:
o Assisted Transactions
o Restructurings and Downsizings
o Strategic and Regulatory Planning

January 1981 to January 1991

Managing Director, BEI Golembe, Inc., Washington, DC

Areas of Expertise:
o Mergers & Acquisitions: financial analysis and negotiations
o Strategic Planning
o Regulatory Strategy
o Restructuring Alternatives
o Antitrust analysis for M&A transactions

Typical assignments: managed over twenty M&A transactions, including the largest branch divestiture in history ($6 billion in deposits); completed strategic planning assignments for banks in all size ranges; prepared legislative analyses for trade associations; prepared regulatory filings, including antitrust analyses, for merger parties.
August 1979 to January 1981

Department of the Treasury, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Financial Institutions
and Capital Markets Policy (on loan from Federal Reserve)

Areas of Responsibility:
o Interagency Task Force Study on the McFadden Act
o H.R. 4986, the Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act of 1980
o Issues before the Commodity Futures Trading Commission
o Report of the Interagency Task Force on Housing and Housing Finance (November 1979)
o The Depository Institutions Deregulation Committee
o Issues before the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
o Report of the Interagency Task Force on Thrift Institutions, submitted to the Congress, June 1980

June 1972 - August 1979

Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System, Division of Research and Statistics. Senior Research Division Officer (1977-1979); Associate Adviser (1975-1976); Chief, Financial Studies (1973-1975); Economist, Banking Markets (1972-1973)

Areas of Responsibility:
o Bank capital standards
o Banks' use of interest rate futures
o Congressional testimony on banking legislation

July 1976 - September 1977

Abt Associates (Cambridge, Massachusetts); Senior Research Associate, National Science Foundation Grant

o During a 15-month leave of absence from the Federal Reserve, co-managed a team of eight academics in preparing a two-volume study on the "Benefits and Costs of Regulation of Consumer Financial Services."

September 1969 - June 1972
University of Montana, Assistant Professor of Economics and Director, Center for Economic Education



Married, two children



RMA Capital Working Group Papers (co-authored):
o "Response to BCBS 164 (revised Basel II capital requirements)", April, 2010
o "Response to BCBS 150 (securitization capital requirements)", April, 2009
o "Response to the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Basel II," March, 2007.
o "Future Margin Income and the EL Charge for Credit Cards for Basel II," RMA Journal, September, 2006.
o January, 2006, "Response to the Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Basel II," January, 2006.
o September 2005, "Analysis of QIS4 Results - Level and Diversity."
o August 2005, "Downturn LGDs for Basel II."
o January 2005, "Response to the Proposed U.S. Supervisory Guidance for Retail Credit Risk Capital under the Basel II Framework."
o March 2004, "Industry Practices in Estimating EAD and LGD for Revolving Consumer Credits - Cards and Home Equity Lines of Credit."
o March 2004, "Capital Treatment of Credit Cards and Securitized Card Receivables."
o December 2003, "Response to the October 11, 2003 Basel Treatment of EL and UL."
o November 2003, "RMA Response to the ANPR and Supervisory Guidance Document."
o July 2003, "Response to Basel's Third Consultative Paper On the New Capital Accord."
o March 2003, "Measuring Credit Risk and Economic Capital in Specialized Lending Activities - Best Practices."
o February 2003, "Retail Credit Economic Capital Estimation - Best Practices."
o May 2002, "Response to Basel's Proposals for Allocating Capital to Securitizations."
o November 2001, "RMA Response to the Basel Working Paper on the IRB Treatment of Expected Losses and Future Margin Income."
o May 2001, "RMA Response to Basel II."
o December 2000, "Supervisory Accreditation Procedures for a Risk-Characteristic-Based Regulatory Capital Framework."
o December 2000, "Credit Risk Capital for Retail Credit Products: A Survey of Sound Practices."

Academic journal and other articles:

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